Mosaic Preschool

Zippy’s Friends

Conducted as part of Mosaic’s Preparatory programme for 5&6yr olds : Little Relationship Builders

Mosaic Preschool is collaborating with ‘Partnerships for Children’ from UK to equip our K1 and K2 children with evidence-backed coping strategies under our Preparatory Programme, “Little Relationship Builders”.

Aligned with Mosaic Preschool’s renewed vision: “Leaders of Tomorrow With A Passion For Lifelong Learning” and Singapore’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework 2022, Zippy Friends’ Programme will focus on scaffolding children’s social emotional learning through engaging in different types of situational-based discussions, role plays, games and craft-making.

The class teachers, who have attended the training session conducted personally by Liz Bowles, one of the founders of ‘Partnerships for Children’, will be conducting these lessons with our children.

The programme will comprise six modules:
1. Feelings
2. Communication
3. Make/ Break relationships
4. Solving problems
5. Dealing with change and loss
6. Moving forward

As part of the programme, there will be monthly updates, assessment checklists, as well as a complimentary workshop conducted by Liz Bowles, one of the founders of ‘Partnerships for Children’ from UK.

With this programme, coupled with love, patience and guidance from the educators, we hope to empower our children to navigate the complexities of emotions and relationships, setting them on a path towards a bright future!