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Ms Yogeswari Rajendran


Montessori Directress

Ms Yoges holds the position of Montessori Directress at Mosaic Preschool. She has obtained a Diploma and an International Diploma in Montessori Method of Education from the Modern Montessori International.
With almost a decade of experience working with the children she has taught children ranging from 18 months to 8 years old. In addition, Ms Yoges holds a diploma in Tesol taken at University of Cambridge.

Ms Yoges specializes in teaching the graduating classes, facilitating children towards preparing for Primary education. As a dedicated and passionate teacher, she tries to meet the needs of the students. Like Maria Montessori said ” Be humble and become a servant to the students” to see where the child is and give opportunities to learn so they can ignite the love for learning. Ms Yoges aims to provide them with experiences and opportunities that will allow them to make the most of their potential.

As an individual Ms Yoges strongly believe in lifelong learning, which enabled her to take up a Behaviour assessment and management programme where she learnt about sensory integration and dysfunction in the formative years of children.

As a teacher, she is able to nurture and understand the importance of social and emotional development in children. She encourages children to develop positive dispositions towards learning to support curious, confident and competent learners. Ms Yoges values the child as an individual and enjoy helping children develop a love for learning from an early age.