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Ms Noor Syafiqah Binte Jamal

Ms NOOR SYAFIQAHyafiqah Binte Jamal
English Teacher

Ms. Syafiqah is an English Teacher at Mosaic Preschool. She graduated from Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) with a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. 


Thought her four years of full time studying, she has been attached to various practicum centres and worked part-time in both local and international preschools. After her internship stint at Mosaic Preschool, she decided to take up the challenge as a permanent English teacher as she resonates with the school’s teaching beliefs. 


Having done a teacher research on Mindfulness in preschool classrooms, she hopes to cultivate and observe the positive effects of mindfulness in her own classroom. Ms. Syafiqah believes in providing children the ownership over their learning and enjoying the process, as a basis for life long learning. This comes from her own experience of rekindling her love for learning in University, after finally pursuing her interest. 


When not seen interacting with young curious minds, she can be found sipping coffee while journaling or reading a book at a quaint little cafe.