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Ms. Li Huan

Chinese Teacher

Ms Li Huan graduated from SEED Institute in Singapore with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Chinese). Prior to her preschool education, her obtained a degree in art design (fashion design direction), and worked as designer for two years in Hangzhou, China.

Since her childhood dream was to become a teacher, she switched her line to be an early childhood teacher. Ms. Li Huan has always believed that early education for children aged 0-6 is very important, because this period is the period when children’s intelligence develops fastest. Therefore, parents or educators must give their children a lot of stimulation to promote the rapid development of children’s brain and nerves during this critical period.

Ms. Li Huan also thinks that every child is unique. Parents or educators only play an observer, guide and supporter role during their development. By observing and guiding children, creating a suitable learning environment, providing rich learning materials, children can be motivated to explore and learn proactively and happily. In this process, timely and appropriate guidance and assistance are given and the child’s self-education and internalization process are respected. Ms. Li Huan believes that every child will become a shining star.

Ms. Li Huan’s favorite thing in her spare time is baking and travelling. Baking is like an art, allowing her to fully develop her creativity. Travelling can lead her to experience different kinds of life.