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Ms. Gao Ying


Chinese Teacher

Ms Gao Ying is a Mandarin Teacher who graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching in China. As a student back then, Gao Ying took the opportunity to develop other professional skills such as, language capability, dancing (Ballet, Contemporary and Latin dance) and arts (painting) competencies. Besides teaching the children, she is also the enrichment teacher in Mosaic Preschool, focusing on Smart Start, Dance and Arts. As a reflective practitioner, Gao Ying constantly reflect back on her teaching strategies so as to further improve her practices.

Before coming to Singapore five years ago, Gao Ying has worked in a local preschool in China. Her experience teaching in the last four to five years in both Singapore and China, has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to work with children from 18 months to 6 years old. Gao Ying believes teaching is a sacred and noble job and requires educators to have rich knowledge as well as emotional intelligence. She has great love for the children and is passionate in working with them. Gao Ying understands that learning is a two-way road where teachers teaches as well as learn from the children too. She uses her sincerity and love to help them grow, learn and become better version of themselves.