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Ms. Chen Shao Juan

Senior Chinese Teacher

Ms. Chen Shao Juan is an invaluable member of the Mosaic Preschool faculty. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood from Quan Zhou Children’s Development Vocational College by Fujian Institute Of Education.

Shao Juan has more than 14 years of experience as an early childhood educator and has worked in Singapore for 12 years. With her strong passion for teaching young children, she believes that learning in the early years should take place through purposeful play. She likes to create a positive and conducive learning environment in which children are supported and challenged. She also incorporates creative play activities such as music and movement, as well as speech and drama to spark children’s interest in Chinese language and culture. To further enhance her skill set, Shao Juan has achieved a Grade 8 Speech and Drama (with Distinction) from Trinity College London UK.

Shao Juan aims to make impactful memories of learning that last a lifetime. She continually strives to improve and develop the Chinese curriculum to ensure that a firm foundation in learning Mandarin is crafted through elements of fun.

During her free time, Shao Juan likes to practice yoga, which helps to keep her relaxed and healthy. She has a keen interest in photography, flower arrangement. Having lived in Singapore for the past f years, Shao Juan has travelled to many places around the globe and hopes to continue exploring the rest of the world.