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Ms Sher Min

Ms Sher MIN
English Teacher

Sher Min has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Special Education from Singapore University of Social Sciences. Before her degree, she obtained a Diploma in Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management from Singapore Polytechnic.

Sher Min believes that early childhood education is essential for every child as it lays the foundation for their development and achievements in the later years. To support children’s development, she seeks to build positive relationships with the children by creating safe and positive environments and providing them with meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Sher Min likes to incorporate stories as well as music and movement into her learning experiences to make learning more enjoyable for the children. She aims to be an educator who will leave positive impacts on children’s lives.

Sher Min thinks that the early childhood classroom is filled with all kinds of surprises; hence she strives to be an educator who is flexible and well equipped with skills that can be used to effectively handle different kinds of situations. She believes that learning never stops and that teaching is a learning journey where she will constantly gain new knowledge and experience that will help her mature into a better educator.