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Ms. Hang Jin Jie

Ms. Hang Jin Jie
Chinese Teacher

Ms. Hang Jin Jie graduated from Hefei Preschool Education College in China and has gained 5 years of teaching experience while working in the preschool industry in Singapore. While pursuing her preschool education in China, she was exposed to Howard Gardner’s Eight Intelligences of Learning and Maria’s Montessori theory of education. Through her learning journey, Jin Jie is a strong believer in the approach of learning through play. She believes that increased interactions with peers and teachers promote children’s development in many aspects such as self-exploration, language, and interpersonal communication.

Jin Jie first came into contact with the Reggio Emilia Approach when she first came to Singapore. This style of learning is driven by children’s initiatives and their curiosity as they explore and learn through different experiences. It helps to deepen and widen her knowledge in the Early Childhood Industry.

Education is like a tree shaking a tree, a cloud pushing a cloud, one soul waking up another soul (教育就是一棵树摇动一棵树, 一朵云推动一朵云, 一个灵魂唤醒另一个灵魂). The action of these forces and interactions are reciprocal. Jin Jie believes as an educator, in the process of getting along with children and enriching their learning experiences, she also thinks it is essential to allow them to be themselves too.

Jin Jie enjoys doing crafts and story-telling with children. She hopes that this contributes to the children’s art exposure. In addition to teaching, she likes pets, food exploration, and exercising.