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Ms Cheryl

The Best Preschool - Singapore Mosaic Kindergarten Teacher Profiles

Ms Cheryl
English Teacher

Upon obtaining a Diploma in Aviation Management and Services from Temasek Polytechnic, Cheryl took a gap year to volunteer at an autism school and work in a student care centre. Through interacting and forging relationships with the two diverse groups of children, she discovered her interest and passion in working with young children. Cheryl went on to pursue a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education with a Minor in English Language from Singapore University of Social Sciences.

In the classroom, Cheryl recognises that every child is a unique individual with different interests, strengths, and learning styles. Hence, she strives to be committed to understanding the individual differences and providing differentiated learning in the classroom to support the children’s interests and learning needs. Cheryl believes that every child is a free-spirited being, with an endless sense of wonder and curiosity about their world; they are natural risk-takers and experts in their own knowledge. Thus, she wishes to take advantage of this innate capacity of theirs, to encourage their zeal for learning and exploring, and to help them thrive in their own unique ways. Cheryl also values the importance of building strong and positive relationships with young children as she believes that a genuine and respectful relationship forms the foundation of children’s disposition to learning where they feel encouraged to explore and take risks.

As an early childhood educator, she hopes to help the community understand that every child should be seen and heard, and that they should never be discouraged from chasing their dreams and aspirations.