Providing quality care and education in your child’s early years.

At Mosaic Preschool, our bilingual curriculum is tailored to engage all children in meaningful play experiences while supporting their developmental needs holistically.

Half / Full Day Programmes

little twinkles2


18-24 months

Our relationship-based curriculum enables young children to develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing as they explore within a safe, nurturing and respectful learning environment. The learning experiences are designed to meet children’s individualised interests and needs while sparking their curiosity and engaging their senses.

Music & Movement3


2-3 years

Our relationship-based curriculum continues to support children in developing their self-confidence and self-awareness as autonomy is given to them during daily routines (i.e. feeding, dressing and toileting). This enables them to pick up important self-care skills and builds their independence.

little innovators


3-4 years

Our curriculum starts to focus on preparing children’s academic readiness through meaningful play-based learning experiences. As more opportunities are provided for children to work together with their peers, they develop essential social skills such as effective communication and empathy that enable them to build positive relationships with others.

Speech & Drama


4-5 years

Our enabling environment continues to support children in exploring and taking risks to develop essential skills and knowledge to participate successfully in society. Children also build a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them as they interact with others and the environment. This gives them an intrinsic motivation to express themselves freely and creatively through verbal and nonverbal means.

move with music


5-6 years old

In order to ensure children’s readiness for primary school and life, our curriculum continues to support the development of critical thinking dispositions such as collaborative outlook, curiosity, persistence as well as reflective and flexible thinking. These dispositions are fostered through the use of purposeful material provocations and engaging children in large group discussions under our inquiry-based learning approach.