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The Mosaic family wishes to support you emotionally through sharing some knowledge and resources of child development. Our content is specially curated by our dedicated team of teachers to provide guidance in promoting learning and development at home. We welcome you to share your views, concerns and experiences with us too!

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Asking the Right Questions to Encourage Learning

By Nadiah Hair

Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time, is the most important thing you can do in a lesson.
The right questions engage your children, identify their reasoning and challenge their viewpoints. …

Choosing the Right Educational Toys for Young Children

By Sheena Yong

At Mosaic Kindergarten, we believe that play is the main form of children’s learning and
development. As a play-based school, it is important for us to create purposeful play..


By Song Zhen

买很多华文的练习册,  花费了大量的时间与金钱,…

Importance of Engaging Children in Healthy Reading Habits

By Natasha Fariani

We are all well aware that cultivating good reading habits in our little ones is essential for their development. But have you have ever wondered just how important it is? Here are …


By Li Huan

不开对这五种感知觉的刺激和发展。 …

The Importance of Forming Secure Attachments with Children

By Allison Thorson

Let us take a few seconds to imagine something. Imagine that it is cold outside. You
are curled up inside a house in front of a warm fire. There is a cozy, fuzzy blanket …


By Zhang Gao Jing



By Chen Laoshi

外教在上Speech and Drama的活动,我自己都会情不自禁地和孩子们一起跳入Drama Land去体验一把!
特别好玩!因缘具足  …