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At Mosaic Preschool, our bilingual curriculum is tailored to engage all children in meaningful play experiences while supporting their developmental needs holistically.

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Asking the Right Questions to Encourage Learning

Asking the right questions, in the right way, at the right time, is the most important thing you can do in a lesson. The right questions engage your children, identify their reasoning and challenge their viewpoints. Great questions enable students to analyse and evaluate their own and other children’s positions. ...
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Choosing the Right Educational Toys for Young Children

At Mosaic Kindergarten, we believe that play is the main form of children’s learning and development. As a play-based school, it is important for us ...
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我相信,在新加坡,大部分家长都为孩子或者曾经为孩子学习华语发愁过。不 少家长,会选择将孩子送去昂贵的华文补习班,请专业的华文家庭老师,或者去书店 买很多华文的练习册,花费了大量的时间与金钱,但是最后的效果却不尽人意。其实 ,如果我告诉你,学习华文,甚至学好华文,只需要你在家中与孩子多讲华语,就可 以提高,你们相信吗?
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Importance of Engaging Children in Healthy Reading Habits

We are all well aware that cultivating good reading habits in our little ones is essential for their development. But have you have ever wondered ...
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所谓的感知觉,就是我们所熟知的五觉:听觉、视觉、味觉、嗅觉和触觉。简单的几个字,却包含 了我们每个人终身学习的几个重要途经。尤其对于语言能力发展尚未成熟的幼儿来说,每一步的发展都离 不开对这五种感知觉的刺激和发展。
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The Importance of Forming Secure Attachments with Children

Let us take a few seconds to imagine something. Imagine that it is cold outside. You are curled up inside a house in front of ...
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儿童在一定时期,故事对他们来说是相当有吸引力的,在故事里,孩子们 可以从中获得很多的启发和知识,也可以教会他们明辨是非对错,有些故事甚 至会影响孩子的成长。听故事还可以帮助孩子学习语言,增强孩子的记忆力, 丰富和发展想象力。因此,家长应多给孩子讲故事。
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