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The Best Preschool Singapore Moosaic Kindergarten

Family Engagement

We believe in building genuine relationships with families to help children to grow and thrive.

The Best Preschool Singapore Moosaic Kindergarten

Dedicated Teachers

We have a team of caring, passionate and professional teachers who strive to support children’s interests and needs.

The Best Preschool Singapore Moosaic Kindergarten

Positive Learning

We provide a positive learning environment and meaningful learning experiences that make children feel safe and secure.

Enrichment Courses

We offer 17 enrichment courses without any additional cost
to supplement your child’s learning.

Play Based Learning

Play is our way! We use play as our main medium for teaching and learning.

Highlights of our Preschool:

At Mosaic, our dedicated teachers encourage minds to THINK, hands to CREATE & hearts to LOVE!
Multi-national environment:

At Mosaic Preschool, we welcome children from all around the world, regardless of language, race, or religion.


Respectful, Reciprocal and Responsive Relationships – We take care of every child with respect. We believe that children are key to the future!

Enjoyable Fun:

At Mosaic Preschool, we explore, discover, create and learn with lots of fun through meaningful and enriching learning experiences.

What our parents say

  • One of the things Nicholas Sim and I thought we would miss most when we decided to uproot the family and move home, is the play-based, holistic kindy environment that we have gotten used to in Australia. Thanks to Mosaic Kindergarten, those worries were totally unfounded. Fabulous environment, great staff and all round good vibes to set any parents’ mind at ease!

  • My son Caio loves to go to Mosaic Kindergarten, all teachers are very kind to him and he loves them! He is very enthusiastic about going to school, even on weekends he asks about the school and teachers. Thank you all so much! We also love the environment very nice, educational, clean, colourful and fun!

  • We absolutely love the Mosaic Kindergarten, it gives us everything we need for our kids’ education by their kindergarten and enrichment courses.

  • … Thank you for all the support, patience and kindness, you have shown to Alex as well as to our whole family since the very first day we step into Mosaic Kindergarten. We are so relieved that we found the right school for him …

Choose your child’s learning blocks

Main Programmes

– Morning –

Co-curricular Programmes

– Afternoon –
IndoorSwimming Ballet&Dance JuniorChef Coding MontessoriLearning SmartStartChinese SmartStartEnglish Japanese ClayArt ChineseImmersion Speech&Drama Phonics Music MosaicScienceClub CreativeArts LittleOlympiadClub Gym LITTLETWINKLES LITTLEWONDERS LITTLEINNOVATORS LITTLEMOSAICSJUNIORS LITTLEMOSAICSSENIORS + From18 Months From3 Years From4 Years From5 Years From6 Years

Unleash the shining star in every child!